I’m Lucky, Are You?

Yesterday, someone asked me how is it that I always seem to be in a happy and positive mood.  I’m not always in a happy mood but I will say when I wake up I try to be optimistic.  The first thing I do when I wake up is smile, the next is speaking positivity into existence for my day. I’m a believer that we have the power to create or alter the energy around us, whether positive or negative.  Why do I smile? Because I’m lucky!  Do you know how lucky you are to just be alive?  Regardless of if I feel that the world is on my back, I get up being excited and grateful that I have another opportunity to accomplish my goals.

Believe it or not, your words do have power.  If you wake up and immediately say that the day will be terrible, that’s what’ll happen.   I’m sure by now you know that I try to live in the present as much as possible.  If I wake up every morning worrying about yesterday instead of appreciating the blessing of today, then the day is almost guaranteed to be terrible.  My advice for anyone who may find themselves struggling to find a reason to be happy today, is to think about how lucky you are to have life this morning and maybe give yourself a pep talk.  We’re all blessed with the opportunity to take advantage of a full 24 hours, and that’s what I intend to do.


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Why I Started a Blog

Why I Started a Blog

For over a year I thought about the idea of starting a blog.  It wasn’t until September of 2017 that I mustered up enough courage to start one.  Now that I’ve started this blog journey I wish the courage bug bit me sooner.  So, why did I start this blog?

Essentially I started this because I love to write and I enjoy helping others.  In an earlier post, I briefly spoke about my life as a teenager.  Growing up I didn’t have a father in the picture.  My mother did an awesome job raising me, but I found myself making terrible decisions trying to prove that I was a man without an active father figure.  If it weren’t for my mother as well as other positive role models around me, I’m not sure where I’d be.  Because of the impact they had on my life, I felt it would’ve been wrong of me to not pass that positivity on to others. Believe me, I know firsthand that a few positive words can completely change someone’s life.  Through this blog, I hope a little positivity is added to your life.

Thank all of you for being readers of my blog.



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