5 Reasons To Love Monday

Over the weekend, I asked my friends what their least favorite day of the week.  Without hesitation they ALL said Monday.  From not wanting to go to work, to not wanting to go back to school, we have all hated it at some point.

Here are five reasons you should love Mondays! 

  1. Fresh start

Everyone needs a fresh start from time to time.  Mondays are a perfect opportunity for you to start brand new.  Think of the day as a clean slate, the stress of last week is in the past.


  1. Set new goals

Been thinking about making new goals for yourself?  Monday is great for that.  Write down some new goals for the week, and see how much progress you’ve made by Friday.  I enjoy setting weekly goals for myself, and starting those goals at the beginning of the week makes it far easier to track my progress.

  1. Coffee

There’s nothing like the taste of a fresh cup of coffee on a Monday morning.  Starbucks on a Monday? Count me in!

  1. Motivation

It’s a brand-new day.  Use the new day as motivation to get some things done.  It’s a new week go chase some dreams!

  1. Life

You woke up today, that in itself is something to be grateful for.


Happy Monday!

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  1. Melanie

    Love the topic! Not a typical approach to a Monday…
    I need to start thinking this way haha : )

    1. Marcus Hackney

      Mondays are tough that for sure lol

  2. Nia

    This helped me to view Monday in a much better light

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